Privacy Policy

Who is Tiny Grey?

Tiny Grey is a small branding, graphic design and illustration studio founded by me, Sophie Scott-Lewis. I take your privacy very seriously and I am committed to maintaining the highest level of confidence in those of you who are on my mailing list or are customers of Tiny Grey.

I will never sell or pass on your details to other companies for marketing purposes, other than those distributed by Tiny Grey (such as my email newsletter). I really value your trust and I fully intend to keep things that way! In case you are in any doubt, I have put together a privacy policy (sounds dull, I know, but it is important) which highlights exactly how I collect, use and store your information.

Mailing Lists:

When registering for my email newsletters, either through my website, via directly emailing, or signing up physically at an event, I collect information about you which tells me your name, so I can address you correctly; which of my products and services you are interested in; and your contact details, so that you can stay up to date with Tiny Grey news and offers, and so that I can deliver any products you have ordered from me. My email newsletters are handled by my Sprint Media Limited, Hubspot, and MailChimp, these systems process the data and allow me to build my emails, and distribute them in a timely manner so that everyone on Tiny Grey's mailing list can stay informed. They provide me with reports on the results of each of my email newsletters so I can see what my contacts are most interested in, allowing me to tailor future emails to be more relevant.

Customer Relationship Management:

The above systems also house my customer and prospective customer details. Alongside Gmail (the email software I use regularly to contact individual audience members), Sprint Media Limited, Hubspot, and Mailchimp help me manage my email correspondence, report on email newsletters and my correspondence, allowing me to tailor contact so it is more relevant to my customers and prospective customers.

Enquiry/Order Website Form:

When submitting an enquiry form from my website, you will be able to complete the form with the details you want me to use in order to complete your brief (photos and words) and deliver your product (address).


In order to create and send invoices, I use a company called Sprint Media Limited, Hubspot and Wave, who handle my invoices. Here I store details on how you have chosen to pay, along with your name and contact details so that I can contact you about your order and to send you invoices and the receipts that follow once payment has been made for Tiny Grey products and services.

Accessing your information:

Tiny Grey works transparently, with this you are entitled to view, amend or remove any personal details that I hold. To find out more, please email me at

Policy Updates:

This policy will be reviewed periodically and was last reviewed on 25th May 2022.